React Machine Test

Task 1
Api :-     
Fetch Data from above API and Display the users in the form of a table. Further apply sorting function to display user names in assending and decending order based on the first alphabet of name.

Task 2
Create a parent component and child component then update the parent component state from the child component.

Task 3
Create a form for user login asking for email and password

  • Add validation – for email, check if email is valid or not.
  • For password it should contain at least- One number, one upper case letter, one lower case letter and one symbol.
  • Submit button should be enabled only if both the validations are valid.

Note – You can use any form library (optional)

NOTE: Post completion, create a zip/rar file of all relevant files and share it with us on our following mail ids. Alternatively, you can also upload them on your Google drive and share us the direct link.
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